Friday, December 29, 2017

Nobody Could Have Predicted

When Christie cancelled the ARC project to piss off the libs and become president (haha) a lot of transit nerds actually cheered. It was imperfect (true!) it's too expensive (true!) it's successor will be better (ok, maybe) it's successor will get federal funding (hahahaha are you new here?). Oh, sure, it'll just delay the project by a few years, but then we'll have some new tunnels.

The president officially scrapped his predecessor's proposal to have the federal government underwrite half the cost of a multi-billion-dollar Amtrak tunnel connecting New Jersey to Penn Station, the busiest transit hub in the U.S. The lone existing tunnel is rapidly deteriorating, threatening to sever Amtrak's popular Northeast Corridor and to divert tens of thousands of New Jerseyans from their daily Manhattan commutes via New Jersey Transit.

In 10-20 years there won't be any train service through the NE. Heckuva job.