Sunday, December 10, 2017

Promises, Promises

The headline is bad (they never had a focus on the middle class), but otherwise this article at least goes against the conventional wisdom "THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE VOTED FOR!!!" nonsense.

The GOP tax plan on the cusp of becoming law diverges wildly from the promises President Trump and top advisers said they would deliver for the middle class — an evolution that shows how traditional Republican orthodoxy swamped Trump’s distinctive brand of economic populism as it moved through Washington.

The bill was supposed to deliver benefits predominantly to average working families, not corporations, with a 35 percent tax cut Trump proposed on the campaign trail as part of the “Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act.”

This implies some good faith from Trump that was never there, but it just isn't the case that every time Trump supports something horrible it's just what the voters wanted. Don't get me wrong, I think the 27-32%er MAGA crowd are as horrible as you can imagine (Though even some of them probably thought they were going to get some of the secret welfare system that black people get. Joke's on them.). But Trump "promised" a lot of things during the campaign (and even after) and if a few hundred thousand people got suckered by that then, well, that's all that had to happen.

Whatever savvy people believed about Trump The Economic Populist, not all voters are so savvy and Trump isn't actually delivering just what he promised.