Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Social Media

I've said this before, but once upon a time most normies had the luxury of paying very little attention to politics. I don't think you have to pay very much attention to politics to know which lever you plan to pull in the voting booth, at least for national elections. Sure it's good to have a rough idea of what goes on and maybe call or write a sternly worded letter to your Rep. occasionally, but certainly once all the Dixiecrats became Republicans, either you were a little liberal or a little conservative and you knew what to do. Truly undecided voters, most of the time, are weird.

On a related note, while I certainly don't want him to win, I get why Republicans will vote for Roy Moore. I wouldn't say that if he were running for governor, but what's he going to do in the Senate? He's just going to vote the way Mitch wants him to and little else. I suppose if he's a camera hog he might tarnish team Rs brand (if that's still possible), so that might be a reason to be wary, but otherwise...so what if he's in the Senate? If there was a Dem running in Pennsylvania with Roy Moore's, uh, record, I would want the powers that be to do everything legal to get him off the ballot, or find a way to otherwise replace him with somebody else, but would I really vote for Pat Toomey?

But back to my original point. Social media pushes this stuff onto everybody's facebook and twitter etc. Unless you are completely unconnected to anyone who pays any attention to politics, the news of the day is going to show itself to you. My friends used to know little of the day to day freak show stuff unless they read my sucky blog (or somebody else's sucky blog) . Now they do.