Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Technology Is Weird

I'm glad I rescued my computer from its recent crash. It's a good computer. It was on the higher end back when I bought and newer ones, while certainly cheaper now, don't seem to be much better. There's no real reason to "upgrade."

It also occurs to me that the next computer I buy likely won't have a CD/DVD drive. Sure you can get an external one for change these days, but that's a nuisance. I'm a weirdo who still buys CDs sometimes (at shows, especially, that's how The Kids These Days make their money), and even though I just rip them so I can play them on my 12-year-old iPod (still works! Apple did one thing right, though I pray to a God I don't believe in every time I load iTunes), and I don't really have anything to "play" them on other than my computer.

Gonna have to buy a turntable, I guess. "Turntable" is a weird word.