Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Would You Vote For Pat Toomey?

Revisiting this point... I don't think I would. As Democrats we don't really think of there being a "Democrat equivalent" to Roy Moore, but try to imagine that you are a Republican for a minute. Doug Jones is a babykiller who likes *those people*. Yes that's horrible..but, you know, they're Alabama Republicans. Asking them to vote for Doug Jones isn't so different from asking me to vote for Pat Toomey.

On the issues I don't really know what the D mirror image of Roy Moore would even be, but let's say that a month before the election with a closely divided Senate, the D candidate had their own series of "mall stories." What would you do?

Roy Moore won the primary. That's nuts. But I actually give a lot of credit to those Alabama Republicans who ultimately didn't vote for him (I'm not taking away from any efforts on the other side - Dem turnout). I wouldn't have voted for Pat Toomey. Maybe I would have stayed home.