Monday, January 29, 2018


Whenever someone brings up removing a bit of parking for a bike lane or even (god forbid) pedestrianizing a block or two, one objection is WHATABOUTDELIVERIES (here in the urban hellhole they just say it's ok to treat the bike lane as a loading zone), as if this problem isn't solved everywhere else in the world in various ways.

To facilitate the needs of smaller businesses which are not able to organise early-morning drop-offs, the city of Gothenburg helped launch Stadsleveransen (the City Delivery) to pool together deliveries for shops and businesses within a central zone stretching about 10 streets. Private transport companies leave their packages at a freight consolidation terminal from where Stadsleveransen’s fleet of two electric cars and two cargo bikes carry the goods the final couple of kilometres. There is also a small electric van assigned for transporting fresh fish from the harbour to Gothenburg’s Fish Church market.

It's weird because frankly delivery trucks are really what snarl traffic during the day. It's something *drivers* should care more about. And yet... delivery trucks just double park and block everything and there isn't enough enforcement to deter them.

The point isn't that THIS ONE SOLUTION is the solution, the point is that there are pedestrianized zones (and bike lanes) in basically every European city and one way or another they manage to handle the delivery situation. Often it's that smaller local vehicles are just allowed to drive through the pedestrian zone. In some places they generally throw everything in a hand cart and pull it the rest of the way. In Venice they offload the boats onto them! Anyway, this is a solvable problem and most stores don't actually need giant delivery trucks blocking a lane (car or bike) out in front regularly.