Sunday, January 21, 2018

But They Don't

It's never clear precisely why, but there are certain issues that our "objective" press seems to fall on one side about. Often it's things like "SOCIAL SECURITY MUST BE CUT" but sometimes it's better things, like the cause of DREAMers. I'd say "we" all agreed a few years ago that they shouldn't be deported and so something should be done. DACA was implemented by Obama as a stopgap. Trump was smart enough to convince gullible journalists - Maggie keeps saying this - that he cared deeply about the DREAMers (and then he stopped DACA). Maggie still believes he cares deeply about the dreamers, or at least did a week ago.

But this just isn't true.

How disadvantaged are the Democrats when it comes to negotiating? So disadvantaged that the senior Democrat in the Senate was willing to agree to something that his party hates (and most Americans oppose) in exchange for something that nearly everyone, including Republicans, support.

The writer uses polling data to support this assertion, but my point is that while Republicans are pro-DACA enough, *elected Republicans* are happy to deport them all. There are a few Republicans - it pains me to say, including Lindsey Graham - who genuinely seem to care, though of course they all have other things they care about, too.