Thursday, January 25, 2018

Chase The Soccer Ball

One thing the Right (Republicans, talk radio, other conservative media) can do without fail is get the "respectable" media to chase whatever soccer ball they kick. Thus the latest "Secret Society" nonsense. It doesn't matter how absurd it is, how little presented evidence there is, or how may times the same dishonest actors have pulled the same move. All they have to do is start shrieking "OHMYGODWEHAVESOMETHINGBIG," give it some sort of catchy name, hint at something even darker, and every political desk in the country scrambles to figure out what it's about and why it is, in fact, good news for Republicans and probably John McCain specifically.

His "star" faded somewhat, but even after James O'Keefe was caught selectively doctoring and misrepresenting videos, for about a year everyone held their breath when "OH MY GOD A NEW O'KEEFE VIDEO IS GOING TO DROP THE DEMOCRATS ARE DOOMED."