Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Guilds are different than unions, because unions are about either gross uneducated dirty blue collar dudes or people doing women's work like nurses or teachers.

I'm kidding. But I've long been "amused" by the fact that newspaper unions are generally called "guilds." I think one fair observation about our newspapers (media generally, but local and national newspapers specifically) is they've been pretty hostile to unions over the years. Especially public unions, but not just. Labor hasn't really been an important beat, except for Labor boss corruption.

It's interesting as journalism has been one of the few highly unionized white collar professions (wasn't always white collar, but it became that). One journalist I know agreed that they often don't really see their "guilds" as the same as "unions" because reasons.

I suspect this will change. We're all proles now. Solidarity!