Monday, January 22, 2018

Stand Up Or Give Up

I don't actually know what the right strategery is for the Dems trying to force the Republicans to actually do something for the DREAMers, but I do know that make a half-hearted attempt to try and then backing down and then *not* making clear who is to blame achieves nothing but base demoralization and a bunch of deported DREAMers.
An end to the impasse over funding the government that doesn’t resolve at least one of these two basic problems—Trump’s weakness or Ryan’s cowardice—is one that leaves the immigration dynamic unchanged. It creates a process that is likely to sputter and allows Republicans to avoid taking an unambiguous position on whether the Dreamers should be allowed to stay or not.

Republicans don't want to help the DREAMers. Okay. Make them say so. Clearly. Instead of pretending to support "something" but then never supporting anything.