Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sure Why Not

Reader c sent this one in:
The study, conducted by Montreal group WSP, proposes three crossing points from Long Island: Oyster Bay to Rye, N.Y., just south of Greenwich; Kings Park to Bridgeport; and Wading River to New Haven. An 18-mile tunnel or bridge from Oyster Bay to Rye would cost $8.5 to $55.4 billion; a 30-mile equivalent from Kings Park to Bridgeport would cost $13 to $31.2 billion,;and a 32-mile tunnel or bridge from Wading River to New Haven would cost $15.8 to $32 billion.

New York’s Department of Transportation has deemed such an audacious undertaking “feasible,” Cuomo said. Its Connecticut counterpart would likely disagree. On Wednesday, Gov. Dannel Malloy threatened to smother $4.3 billion in badly needed highway repairs if the legislature fails to direct money into the state’s Special Transportation Fund.

I'm not even completely against big stupid projects, but can they be slightly less stupid?