Wednesday, January 10, 2018


People hate buses because they have to be near strangers, but this will be different because... Um, there won't even be a driver to intervene if there's a bad passenger? I don't understand anything anymore.

Aside from Toyota, which invested in Uber in May 2016, Uber is also working with Volvo and Daimler on driverless cars. Those relationships represent opposite sides of a spectrum of possible business models. Uber’s work with Toyota may fall somewhere in between.

As it exists today, Uber’s relationship with Volvo entails agreeing to buy 24,000 cars which will be outfitted with the ride-hail company’s proprietary self-driving technology and software. With Daimler, the agreement is simply that the German automaker will leverage Uber’s ride-hail network.

Actually ridesharing of the "let your uber pick up multiple passengers at multiple locations" usually sucks worse than a decent bus because there's such uncertainty and it barely saves any money (or cost). The way to speed things up is to make them fixed route, and if you make them fixed route then...they're a bus. OK a bus with no driver, but see above.