Wednesday, January 24, 2018

That's Precisely What Happened

We've seen an evolution of the conservative conventional wisdom on the Iraq war. I don't want to rehash the whole chain of absurdity, but it sort of culminated in "Bush had bad intelligence." Or so I thought that was the culmination of that particular bit of revisionism. But, no, it hasn't stopped there. Now the bad intelligence was actually a CIA plot, masterminded by Democrats, to make George Bush look bad.

As Roy says:

Again, once upon a time I assumed such a brain-melting idea as the Democrats using the CIA to trick Bush into the Iraq War would be beneath a popular radio star like Limbaugh -- the proof being that he never tried it before, presumably because even his numbskull listeners would assume he'd lost it. But in our new age he apparently thinks it's worth a shot.

I'm not sure this will get much above the fever swamps, but the fever swamp dwellers run the country now, so I predict that within 3 months young conservatives (and young is anybody under 40...well, anybody white under 40... these days) will accept this history as gospel. In another couple of years the war will have been started by President Gore, and his disgrace led to the election of George Bush in 2004, who cleaned up Gore's mess which is why we have no more troops in the Middle East.