Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Ancient Days Of Blooging

I admit I hold grudges. And sometimes I don't even remember why I hold them. I just remember that there were people who pissed me off even if I can't remember why specifically.

Back when "political blogging" became a thing there was a whole existing blogging community which was a bit more... social, I guess. And non-political. Nothing is really non-political, of course, and to a great degree "non-political" just means "support for the status quo." So when political bloggers (née warbloggers) showed up, they fit right into this quaint little community. Liberal assholes like me didn't and pissed the "old timers" off. The conservatives (I mean very serious libertarian patriots who love America more than you do) fit right into the "non-political" blogging because all right-thinking Americans were mad about 9/11 and hated Osama bin Laden and sure George Bush wasn't perfect but AMERICA and also that Saddam guy was really really bad so what choice do we have? How dare you hippies bring POLITICS into it? If you really cared about Iraqis you'd be protesting Saddam!!! Salute the flag or get a 2x4 in the face, citizen.

But it wasn't just blogging. That was just a microcosm. The whole country was like that. It really was a bit out of the ordinary to criticize George Bush then. It was unseemly.

Anyway, lots of people who were like that back then have Very Strong Opinions now and that's good. My grudges are not so everlasting. Yet...