Monday, January 22, 2018

The. Police. Are. There.

Watching the local news coverage of the on the street celebrations of my local sports franchise's victory was pretty annoying. The newscasters felt the need to mention THE POLICE ARE THERE every 5 seconds. Of course it's reasonable there's a police presence whenever big crowds gather in public, and sure there is some history of sportsball celebrations going a bit bad, but even when they go bad...they go a bit bad. A bit of vandalism, a few fights. It isn't really as if The Purge has suddenly taken effect and the murders are going to begin. And, yes, you're pissed off if your car window gets bashed but it's hardly the end of civilization if it does.

Sure the locals have a bit of a reputation, not entirely undeserved but mostly due to a 40-year-old event involving "Santa" that has been misreported ever since.