Monday, January 01, 2018

What if Superman Was... A Big Jerk?

Since the holiday week is still here I can still post on sillier matters. I thought The Watchmen comic book was good (it doesn't really stand the test of time of but it was a thing when it came out justifiably). The Snyder Watchmen movie ok. But the movie was 95% an attempt to faithfully recreate the comic. A pretty good thing to pull off in a technical sense but not actually something that requires a lot of wisdom or creativity. So then... The Watchmen deconstructed superheroes, so let's...reboot Superman by...deconstructing Superman... was, you know, really stupid, especially when "deconstructing Superman" didn't get any deeper than making him a big jerk. What if...Batman was kind of stupid and clumsy? What if.. The Flash...couldn't even run a marathon in under 4 hours? What if... Professor X couldn't read minds? What if Deadpool... actually had Clark Kent's personally? These might be funny parody superheroes (more like, say, Lego Batman or The Tick), but they aren't saying anything interesting about the actual characters if not meant as a joke. It isn't a clever rethink of the character, it's a way to mock the fans. The ones who buy the tickets.

I think Supergirl isn't that great a show most of the time, but it is good silly comic book show (if not better than that) which is true to the spirit of Superman, as Spencer says.