Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who Has The Power

It's obviously a crass way to think about to this, but a lot of industries have problems without immigrants, and I'm not just talking about undocumented workers. The Trump war on immigrants isn't just on undocumented immigrants or even just low skilled immigrants. It's creating an unwelcoming place for almost all immigrants. I wouldn't pick up and move somewhere for a job, even I were relatively high income (like tech workers), or go somewhere for university, if I knew the country was playing Calvinball with my immigration status. If I knew I could never bring my family over. If I knew meeting someone and getting married would be a problem. None of these things ever worked smoothly of course, but there was a general attitude of openness for a couple of decades. That there is no effective pushback on the Trumpkins' war on immigrants from the powers that be (and so far I'm just talking about people with proper status) is... interesting. Even if you're only playing Calvinball with people from shithole countries, it doesn't make Norwegians too interested in coming (even if they were before) either. There's no way to contain such cruelty, to limit it, once it is our approach to immigrants and immigration.

That's even before we have ICE ripping apart families. Going to need a Truth and Reconciliation committee in the future. Hah, I kid, look forward...