Thursday, January 04, 2018

Who To Root For In The War Between Anal Cyst And Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer will always win.
The response to the Wolff book in the provinces of the right amounted to a referendum on Bannon’s hubristic campaign for domination. In the squabbling world of the populist-nationalist movement—Bannon’s associates (who hate him), Bannon’s industry peers (who loathe him), and even those who were merely Trump supporters and watched Bannon from afar—there was a surprising sense of unity. “The idea that Steve Bannon is the great manipulator behind the scenes who really has the plan and the worldview is completely bullshit. Trump said exactly what I’ve been saying for months,” Ben Shapiro, Breitbart’s former editor-at-large and harsh Trump critic, vented to me. “It’ll change people’s views because Trump said it. It’s equally right when anyone says it, but Trump saying it just makes it more powerful and more clear to any of his supporters.”

All this is fun but I repeat my regular point that The Left never gets the kind of obsessive coverage.