Monday, February 26, 2018

Cool, Bro

Super special.

Tesla is widely known for periodically leaving lighthearted "Easter Eggs" in its automobiles, mostly taking the form of hidden surprise-and-delight features in their in-car electronics. First-day reservation holders of the new Tesla Model 3 waiting patiently for their car may be in for a different sort of surprise, however: A diecast model replica of their new EV.

As noted by Tesla fan-site Elektrek, CEO Elon Musk has been promising "something special" for early Model 3 hand-raisers for some time now. There had been speculation in Tesla forums that the mystery gift(s) could take the form of something like an exclusive paint color or complimentary Supercharger access, but for now, at least, a Mini-mM model version seems to be the most likely prize. (First-day reservationists previously also received a poster of Model 3 design renderings as well as a thank-you card).