Thursday, February 15, 2018

Did You Know Nazis Don't Like Jews Very Much?

The self-identified "alt-right" including but not just those who happily refer to themselves at Nazis, or at a minimum invoke clear Nazi symbolism, don't like Jews very much. They aren't coy about this. They don't keep it a secret.

After years of watching the modern conservative movement try to marginalize Leftists of any kind for being anti-Semitic, often through little more than tenuous guilt-by-barely-association links, and the "objective" media willing piling on, it's been a bit puzzling to watch. Admittedly often the "leftists are anti-Semites" charges were based on the ever-popular "the real racists are the ones who cry racism" because likening people to Nazis was somehow worse than people maybe being Nazis, so I guess things haven't changed that much, but still you'd think this would be less important than people who were loudly and proudly actual anti-Semites. And, you know, not just anti-Semites, but Nazis, who have a few ideas of what just should be done about the Jewish problem. These things are not hidden!

So all the dapper Nazi photo shoots and loving profiles of the "alt-right" really have shocked me. Explicit bigotry against most minority groups is tolerated and even perpetuated by our elite media outlets, but there was a line there which limited the promotion of Antisemitism. And then there wasn't.