Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Don't Shit Where You Eat

Whenever we have "sports fans assault someone" or "sports fans burn down the city" stories, I'm always pretty sure they're coming from the suburbs. One reason is simply that people who attend sporting matches skew white and higher income and, yes, suburban. The other is that as someone who mostly grew up in the suburbs, I get the attitude which is that the city is a place where the normal rules don't apply and you can just fuck shit up because that's what you do. There's plenty of homegrown theft and vandalism and violence, but it's different. It isn't "let's turn over a car for lulz after having 10 beers." Or "let's get liquored up and go start some fights in the city." And, basically, don't shit where you eat for no reason at all.

Philadelphia police asked the public for more help on Tuesday in finding revelers involved with multiple cases of vandalism in the aftermath of the Eagles' first Super Bowl win.


In the other clip, a man in a kelly green Eagles jersey is shown holding a crosswalk sign and talks to the camera, appearing to say, "We're gonna tear this whole city apart."

Again, this isn't "city people good, suburban people bad," it's about suburban people sometimes not seeing the city as a place where people actually live. Just an urban funhouse where The Purge rules occasionally apply.

The one arrest they made was of some young guy from the Main Line.