Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Got It Wrong

None of us like to be wrong. I'm wrong a lot (though not about those damn self-driving cars). For good or ill, this little blog rarely has much influence on the universe so I have the luxury of my wrongness rarely mattering much. Republicans are almost always wrong and they're like the honey badger. But Dems have a lot of wrong to account for, from the Clinton years through the Obama years. They done fucked up, and unlike this silly little blog, they done fucked up when they ran the world.

I rarely see much acknowledgment of that which doesn't come with caveats. A common one is that they had to do certain things to keep winning elections. Well, uh, look around at the results of that successful strategy. Another is they had to deal with Republicans. True of some things. Not others. Quite often having to deal with Republicans is an excuse to do things they wanted to do anyway. Obama's people really wanted a "grand bargain." Governor Cuomo does everything he can to keep Republicans (and Democrats who vote with them) in power in the state Senate

It matters because in politics, much like the rest of our great society, once people hit a certain level they don't ever sink. They don't go away. Henry Kissinger (not a Democrat, I know, but a good example) is still a beloved elder statesman.

Yes Trump is worse than all of them. Fine.