Wednesday, February 07, 2018


I'm obviously not one who thinks Dem politics is pure, but the kind of scam fundraising that the Right has had for decades was never really a big thing until now.

Omar Siddiqui couldn’t make it to an August fundraiser in Beverly Hills for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. But he ponied up the $2,000 ticket price after the group’s senior adviser, Scott Dworkin, sent him a personal invitation.

Months later, Siddiqui, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), was surprised to discover his money—or three of every four dollars of it—had gone to the coffers of consultants and lawyers the group leaned on to fight a libel suit, rather than pushing back against the president.

Just say "resistance" and "Putin" and make up a bunch of shit and gullible people send you money.

Trump "resistance" has brought a lot of new people to politics - and online is where politics is now - and twitter celebrities have found their marks. This is bad.

I try to warn people, but nobody listens to Atrios. You know, years ago I could've started a PAC and paid myself a nice salary from it. I never did. Fundraising for candidates and causes has always gone directly (or through Actblue, which is the same thing), and I've never promised to spend blog fundraising on anything but me.