Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I Love A Parade

My local transit authority greatly screwed up the last time a local franchise won a big sporting competition. They're trying to do better this time, but the truth is the capacity of the rail system - the way most irregular riders get in from the suburbs on mass transit- just isn't big enough to handle those kinds of crowds.

I'll resist critiquing the plan and just summarize it and add a few recommendations for locals:

Subways are running all day for free with some stop skipping. Check the maps.

Commuter ("regional rail") system is running only inbound trains before the parade and only outbound ones after, also with limited stops. Check the maps. Only taking passes and day passes, no cash or single tickets (this is ridiculous, gr.). Best to buy them beforehand if you don't already have one. Family pass is a good deal if have a family (two adults+the brood).

Buses running with lots of detours of course.

Tips&tricks: take the bits no one knows about if they are convenient. The Norristown High Speed line is a good option. Take it to 69th st. and take the MFL the rest of the way. The 101+102 trolleys are similarly good options. Also to 69th st. Jersey people take PATCO of course.

Likely the best suburban trick, if the options above don't help, is finding that nearby bus line you didn't know was there which probably only runs about once and hour or even less frequently but which will take you into the city.

If you're going to drive in and park - either come really early and park at the stadiums or go to North Philly, not South Philly, and take the BSL the rest of the way.

Good luck.

...oops no stadium parking. Stay away from south philly.