Monday, February 12, 2018

I'm The Crazy One

One reason I find new things to obsess about is that I gotta find something to post/talk about on this sucky blog. Just makes the "job" easier. Also I become obsessed when everybody is crazy except for me (always understanding that I might be the crazy one). You know, crazy things like the Iraq War is bad, Democrats don't win by being "not quite as evil as the other guys," expansionary austerity isn't a thing, maybe mortgage relief would be smarter than banskter relief, the tea party was just Republicans, nobody cares about the deficit except Fred Hiatt and sucker Dems, urban hellholes can be kind of nice, having to drive a car everywhere sucks, and, of course, self-driving cars are "never" going to work.

Everyone seems to make money from being wrong about these things. I'm doing it wrong, obviously.