Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Impossible Problems

They don't even propose any solutions. They just whine that everyone else should stop pointing out the problems.

Today will be full of hysterical gibberish from prominent Brexit supporters. They will insist that Brussels is trying to annex Northern Ireland, that a foreign power is now on the attack against the UK - intent on carving it up as some form of punishment for its decision to leave the EU.

It's rubbish. What we have seen today is the chickens coming home to roost for Brexiters. They have been warned over and over again during the last 18 months that it is not possible to leave the single market and customs union and still maintain an open border in Ireland. There is no solution to this problem. It is no more solveable than someone demanding you make a sports car with square wheels. It simply cannot be done.

Conservative London Tories see NI and even Ireland itself as colonies, nuisances that need to be subservient. Going to be interesting and even scary.