Monday, February 05, 2018

Local News

One thing which has long annoyed me has been members of the national press decrying the state of journalism because of turmoil in the industry which has made some of their jobs a little less cushy and stable than they once were. I'm sympathetic to anyone with job concerns, of course, but much like elite Ivy League and R1 professors discussing the State Of Academia (or elite journalists who went to elite colleges talking about the state of academia), elite journalists talking about the State of Journalism usually are clueless about and disdainful of those on the lower rungs. It's long been clear that local journalism, not nationally focused journalism, is the real casualty of changing economics of the industry (and, of course, looting by execs and owners). The NYT and the Post and even nationally-focused internet outlets we will long have with us. Actual reporters focused on local government and news, not so much.