Sunday, February 11, 2018

Maybe It Was All... A Lie?

Only crazy liberal bloggers have been stupid enough to claim, for years, that Republicans didn't care about "fiscal responsibility" (however you want to define that), but that they just wanted tax cuts for rich people, drastic cuts to social programs, and regulation friendly to big businesses (which does not, of course, mean "less regulation" or "deregulation" usually, so stop saying that too). Base Republican voters mostly care about racism and pissing off the libs. Also, too, the Tea Party wasn't about "Teh Deficit" and wasn't some nonpartisan transpartisan coalition. It was racist Republicans. How did we miss the Trump phenomenon? wonder political journalists on their 87th visit to a Pennsyltucky diner. Because you have been willingly peddling misinformation about your supposed field of expertise for decades.