Monday, February 19, 2018

Meet George Jetson

I've long laughed at "concept cars" at car shows - even before my self-driving car obsession - because they get a lot of press for no good reason. They're usually the present's idea of what "the future" looks like and of course nothing actually futuristic works yet. Double with the self-driving cars. This one is fascinating. If a car is self-driving...then the driver will be able to do other things! Cool, bro.

But, of course, the “driver” of the I.D. Vizzion will be freed from the need to pay attention to the road, and so the importance of the performance specs is debatable. Instead, the driver will be able to join the passengers in enjoying the ride. They’ll be able to interact with the car’s “virtual host,” which can be done either by voice or gesture control. VW says this digital assistant will know “the personal preferences of the vehicle guests” — that’s my favorite new way to refer to passengers; can’t wait to use it myself someday — in a way that allows it to adapt the car’s “digital ecosystem” to each of them.