Friday, February 09, 2018

Nobody Cares About The Deficit

I've said this for years, though it wasn't quite true. Democratic politicians genuinely thought it was important. Centrist wonks thought it was important. It dominated all of the budget (especially, but not just, when Democrats were in charge) coverage by our objective political press.

Now can we stop pretending the Republicans care about the deficit? Haha the deficit scolds will be back as soon as Dems are in charge again. Only really stupid people can not see that Republicans run up the deficit, with tax cuts, wars, and occasionally some domestic spending, when they are in charge, and then the Democrats reduce it to win the love and adoration of voters Fred Hiatt, while not being able to fund any of their supposed other priorities, then we repeat. It's been that way since 1980. Not as if they have been hiding it. "Reagan proved deficits that don't matter," said Dick Cheney.