Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Nothing Really Matters, Anyone Can See...

Washington Post health care reporter.

One could bring up many possibilities, but because she's a health care reporter...

The first year of the Trump administration was dominated by an attempt to repeal ACA and replace it with basically nothing. I can't even remember what was in the final bill before Saint McCain did the right thing for once, but at various times the ability for people with pre-existing conditions to obtain insurance, and therefore medical treatment for their possibly life-threatening ailments, was seriously threatened. I'd guess (I am making this up because I am not a health care reporter) close to a majority of Americans over 50 have a nontrivial medical condition that at the very least requires ongoing monitoring and medication, and of course many more of all ages plus we all have friends and family who could be in that situation even if we aren't personally.

Also, too, there's currently a flu epidemic.

Policy matters. How could you be a policy reporter and not know this?