Wednesday, February 14, 2018


On most issues you can, if you try really really hard, argue that "both sides" are intransigent and if only tipnronnie would get together for a drink a "compromise" could be reached which would be good by definition because compromise is always good no matter how many babies it splits. This is often bullshit, but you can sorta do it without being completely dishonest. But on guns? No. There is literally nothing Republicans will support that will in any way make it harder to purchase, carry, or use a gun. Nothing. Except the basic "guns are illegal for black people" which is effective if not actual policy anyway.

So when people like Kristof push this bullshit... well, fuck them. He knows better. He just can't bring himself to say "this is on the Republicans."

I don't think the tiny things Democrats would support (a lot of them aren't exactly into taking all your guns away as I am) would do all that much, but they're more than nothing. For Republicans it's nothing.