Thursday, February 15, 2018

To Use Them For What They Are For

Some guns are designed for hunting. Some for self-protection. There's some overlap between the two, but not too much. The rest are designed to kill people. I think the "self-protection" fetish in this country is stupid and dangerous. A gun for home protection isn't useful if you follow guidelines for safety. Not much use when the intruder comes if it's unloaded and/or locked away. Carrying when you're out and about might be useful, but will probably result in a situation escalating far beyond what it should (personally I don't think we should accept that executing an unarmed mugger is okay, but YMMV).

But, OK, fine, hunting and self-protection. Remington is going bankrupt and the reason probably is that they make guns for hunting and self-protection (well, that and a little class action suit). They mostly don't make guns that are just designed to efficiently kill people for the lolz. I'm not saying REMINGTON IS GOOD. Just that their business mostly wasn't these.

Gun nuts collect lots of guns. I suppose there's a certain madness that affects collectors of just about anything, but Hummels aren't designed to kill people. The guns that gun nuts collect are (I specify "gun nuts" because I suppose you can collect revolutionary war rifles and not be a gun nut). That is their sole useful purpose. And not even in a "self-defense" kind of way. They are offensive weapons designed to slaughter people.

What's the point of this hobby if you aren't planning and hoping to use them for their clear intended purpose?