Saturday, February 24, 2018

What Happened To Our Oakeshottian Burkean Purity?

Trump brings it out more than usual, but we regularly get conservatives lamenting that their movement is filled with racist hucksters, mad because the new kids say the quiet bits a bit too loudly and because they're getting in on their grift.

One doesn't have to rehash the whole modern conservative party from Goldwater to Nixon and onward. Elite conservatives promoted Sarah Palin to be Vice President. OK, maybe this was just a little mistake. Once they did that of course they had pretend they wanted her to win. Fine. Then they (not all of them, but most) spent at least 2 years promoting her as the leader of their movement (it's sort of been memoryholed, but Politico was Sarah Palin Daily from 2009-2011 or so, and not simply because Politico writers were interested in her).