Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Where We Fucked Up

I don't need narcissistic navel gazers about "why I was wrong" but I would like more people who have been in power at key moments and over key time periods and who were responsible for, or party to, key decisions, to explain what they got wrong. I don't know want to know why they got it wrong (well, you, see, those hippies had always been wrong before...I trusted in rich people as they are known for their selflessness... ) except to the extent that illuminates how these things go wrong in general. I don't want to know about how bad decisions were made because of "politics" except as an admission that at the time you were completely full of shit and justified it on the merits. I just want to hear what was wrong.

The people who lead us - even the good ones- have fucked up a lot for decades. I don't get the sense that many of them realize it.