Friday, February 02, 2018

Xenophobic Bigotry

I suppose I bore people with my old man "this isn't really new, people," but there have been 3 big waves of stoked-by-Republicans anti-immigrant fervor since I was an adult. One each decade, basically. 90s, aughts, and now (Also, it was a big but more under the radar issue in 2010. Some of those Dems who got swept out in 2010 tried to hold on by moving way to the right on the issue.). I'd say Dem opinion (both voters and elected) and elite chattering class opinion has shifted more against this, but the kind of explicitly expressed bigotry which is commonplace at the moment also had its moments in the previous two decades. The Dems are always better, of course, and are rhetorically much better now, but they were often bad, also, too.

Nazis. That's new.