Thursday, March 22, 2018

Can't LIDAR See In The Dark?

Blame the writer, of course, but too many people miss the point of my safety issues with these cars. I'm not saying they're not safeish - if they work they'll be safe enough. I'm disputing the repeated noncritical assertions that one of the benefits of self-driving cars that they will self-evidently safer than normal cars because robots are better than humans and that this is a justification for putting up with a few cracked skulls on the way to progress and also, too, spending immense amounts of public money for self-driving car friendly infrastructure because of this automobile safety issue we weren't willing to spend any money to deal with (yes, there are lots of cheap things you can do to make streets safer) until self-driving cars came along.

I'm not going to embed this because it's a dash cam of someone being hit, but if you click through you can see it. It is true that a human driver probably would have hit this person! It's also true that this is a just a shitty video and self-driving cars are supposed to have more sensors than mere human eyes. The car doesn't slow at all.