Monday, March 05, 2018

Empathy Is Fortunately A Temporary Illness

Many times in this sad life that I've wasted on watching conservative thinkers fart their great thoughts, for great compensation, in our elite media outlets, I've seen the occasional spark of empathy. Something bad happens to a conservative, or to one of their family members, and it's like a 3.8 earthquake nudged their noggins just a bit. is... hard? And unjust? And not even all the wingnut welfare in the world can solve all problems? And maybe... maybe... I'm not the only victim of this in the world? Sometimes undeserved bad things happen... to... other...zirpi nanoo klatoo brrp brrp zzzzzzzt bluescreen.

It's as they near that last moment of recognition, that maybe other people don't always deserve their ill circumstances, that the spark overwhelms their wetware and they require a system reboot and some reprogramming. And back to kicking the poors it is!