Friday, March 09, 2018

Everything Trump Does Is A Victory

If Obummer had walked into the press room one day and said a big announcement was coming and then the big announcement was that he was going to meet with the North Korean leader with no "preconditions" or no pre-negotiated concessions, NK nukes would have been unnecessary because DC's "foreign policy community" would have imploded the city themselves in a black hole of rage and the Washington Post would not have had this headline (top one).

It would have been more like, "Experts say naive Obama is Rocket Man's little bitch."

As for the article:

For the moment, at least, it appears to be a clear-cut victory — the biggest foreign policy win of his young administration. President Trump has brought his arch-nemesis, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, a.k.a. “Little Rocket Man,” to the table to negotiate away his nuclear arsenal.

I think all this swinging dick pride stuff is stupid, but Rocket Man would've been thrilled to meet with any US president in this framework. It's happening not because of Trump's angry tweets, but because Trump is a dumdum.

Of course, people realized this, and it's why (bottom headline), it isn't even going to happen.