Thursday, March 22, 2018

Matthew Dowd Is A Fraud

This man is paid a lot by ABC News to pretend to know nothing about politics.

These are basically the views (good or bad!) of almost everybody who calls themself a Democrat, either voters or elected. You can not have as many abortions as you want and still think it should be legal for others should do so. You can be "for the 2nd amendment" (whatever that even means) and think that some degree of gun regulation is good. I don't think there's anybody on the planet who says, "I am against capital punishment because I hate justice" so I'm not even sure what this particular construction is supposed to mean. This is like 8th grade level political discussion from 1991.

Dowd holds iconoclastic positions that much of the country does, that an entire political party (and certainly every important member of that party that ABC News's Political Analyst ever talks to) does, and he likes to post tweets congratulating himself on his special flower uniqueness. The poor man has been abandoned by our political system which keeps giving him highly paid jobs!

I don't think this means Dowd has to say he's a Democrat. Maybe Democrats don't like war enough or don't hate black people enough or don't agree with some other positions Dowd holds (I have no idea) enough to please him, but to pretend that these are controversial views to anybody except Republicans is just fraud. He's a liar who is trying to maintain his No Labels Third Way If Only There Was A Party Of Common Sense Centrism Just For Me brand that networks are comfortable with and which has a totebagging fanbase.