Saturday, March 10, 2018

Heckuva Job, Bennet

One reason they all keep writing these things is as a show of solidarity for each other. One (usually Bari or Bret) does something especially stupid and offensive, gets criticized, and then someone else writes a "I'll troll the libs too just to show them!" column, and then on and on and on and on.. As in, fuck you, we write for the New York Times, you don't, and we'll never be fired and we can say what we want no matter how irrelevant or stupid.

Thank you for introducing the invigorating diversity of opinions about left/campus speech held by affluent Pennsylvania native and Columbia graduate Bari Weiss, affluent Pennsylvania native/University of Chicago graduate/Yale fellow David Brooks, Yale graduate James Bennet, and University of Chicago graduate Bret Stephens into our bubbles. Our bubbles have been popped. Now can we move on?

Also, too, cancel your subscriptions. This is where the money goes...