Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Heckuva Job

There were the evil bastards, and then there were the Model UN debate team crowd, young boy blunders putting on their first big boy suits writing for big boy magazines and being on big boy teevee shows, being patted on the head for punching hippies. War was very serious, they intoned, and only the Very Serious People could be trusted with it. It must have been so exciting!

No one knows for certain how many Iraqis have died as a result of the invasion 15 years ago. Some credible estimates put the number at more than one million. You can read that sentence again. The invasion of Iraq is often spoken of in the United States as a “blunder,” or even a “colossal mistake.” It was a crime. Those who perpetrated it are still at large. Some of them have even been rehabilitated thanks to the horrors of Trumpism and a mostly amnesiac citizenry. (A year ago, I watched Mr. Bush on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” dancing and talking about his paintings.) The pundits and “experts” who sold us the war still go on doing what they do. I never thought that Iraq could ever be worse than it was during Saddam’s reign, but that is what America’s war achieved and bequeathed to Iraqis.