Wednesday, March 07, 2018

I Am The Left Pole

One annoying thing in our discourse is how many people - even relatively lefty ones - consider themselves to be the absolute leftmost of acceptable political positions and feel the need to punch hippies and wash off the patchouli if any of them get close. I'm not talking about an unwillingness to find common cause with actual Stalin apologists, or whatever, just "$13 an hour minimum wage is Good, but $15 an hour is STALINISM" types. We know that plenty of "centrists" like Jon Chait are much happier punching hippies and DEBATING IDEAS with their good friends at the National Review, but it isn't limited to centrists like him.

Anyway, one rule I developed long ago (which, as with all self-imposed rules, I am sure I violate at times), is don't punch hippies. Lefties have the least political power and representation in our discourse. Even when they're wrong they're usually more right than Jon Chait, so...