Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One Quick Trick

I'm actually on record saying I don't think Trump remains in office for 4 years (this is a prediction - as in, more likely to happen than not - not something I believe with certainty) but I don't get what people think pushing him out will accomplish. This isn't an argument against him being pushed out, just one aimed at the idea that he takes his final flight on Marine One and everything is good again.

The vulgar incompetence offends, but the vulgar incompetence is mostly what keeps us from Full Trumpism, something which will remain after the Mad King is gone. I even doubt President Pence would be much more competent (again, likely a good thing), and his reign would be even more vulgar, just quieter.

As for the entire administration going down and the Marshal of the Supreme Court installing a Unity President or whatever the hell fantasies are floating around out there... cool drugs, bro.