Thursday, March 15, 2018


I suppose not being a torturer means I have a somewhat different psychological makeup, but if I was involved in this stuff and avoided prosecution due to the belief by elites that we must Look Forward, Not Backward, I'd look for most convenient moment to slip out the back door and start collecting my pension. I'd count my blessings and not think, "hey, maybe I should stick around and pursue the highest job in order to ensure that I would have renewed media scrutiny for all that torture." Probably has that magic security clearance ticket to numerous "private sector" jobs that require security clearance (that's a racket which doesn't get discussed enough). Collect my checks, sip some wine, watch some reruns of '24' just for the LOLz.

The problem isn't simply that these people weren't prosecuted (though they should have been). It's that they weren't even shamed enough to think that maybe the public spotlight wasn't the best thing for them.