Sunday, March 25, 2018

Respect My HOBBY!!!!

Whether its guns, video games, sports fandom, knitting, mountain climbing, origami, gardening (militant gardeners are the worst), cooking, parkour, tattoos, .... I mean, whatever, I do not have to respect your stupid hobby. All hobbies except my hobbies are stupid wastes of time. That gun owners and hunters (and I've seen this even from gun-control supporting liberals) think that somehow we must RESPECT THEIR HOBBY instead of pointing and laughing at it, if we are so inclined, is ridiculous. Oooh look at the good boy with his big gun! Isn't he a good boy! Doesn't he have a good gun! It's so ridiculous. Buy your damn guns. No one is stopping you. I can laugh at your external death penis obsession all I want to.

I mean, how ridiculous is it so somehow assert that your personal identity exists within your expensive guns and ammo collection. It isn't any different than me asserting that my personal identity is heavily tied up in My Little Pony fan fiction. Both could be true, but who the fuck cares? You can laugh at my Pony fan fiction collection, though you'll have to pry it from cold dead hands, and I'll laugh at your stupid guns. Snowflakes.