Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rich People Are Weird

To me, the big benefit of being rich (give me all your money, asshole freeloaders, so I can go for a test spin) is that I *wouldn't have to worry about money*. As in, whatever. I love you Comcast and I don't care if your bill is absurd, and a 20% tip is ridiculously low. Make it 50%. I've spent a tiny bit of time around rich people, and in that anecdotal experience holy hell are they cheap. I know the sorta joke is rich people are rich because they are cheap but that's bullshit. Most of them are rich because they are failsons and faildaughters. I promise that if you contribute enough money to Eschaton World Industries I will tip more generously. I am not rich (I am fine) and I am already a pretty good tipper. It takes mental effort to score sweetheart deals and mental effort is precisely what I hope being rich (give me all your money!) lets me avoid.

For much of his first year in Washington, President Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt occupied prime real estate in a townhouse near the U.S. Capitol that is co-owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist, property records from 2017 show.

Neither the EPA nor the lobbyist, J. Steven Hart, would say how much Pruitt paid to live at the prime Capitol Hill address, though Hart said he believed it to be the market rate. The price tag on Pruitt’s rental arrangement is one key question when determining if it constitutes an improper gift, ethics experts told ABC News.