Friday, March 23, 2018

Spring Fundraising Funstravaganza!

Spring already? Doesn't look that way outside.

Everybody knows this advertising model is not working so well on the internet. I could sell all your data to Russians instead! Ha ha. Not going to pivot to video either, or more importantly not going to load up the site with increasingly intrusive and annoying auto-on popups and popovers. Also not going to install malware that will mine blockchain Eschatonbucks. This sucky blog is what it is.

Subscriptions are always welcome! Each subscription level gets you access to this sucky blog and and comes with a very fine invisible tote bag. Can cancel at any time (and can always get in touch with me if you are having trouble canceling).

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As always, this isn't your medicine money or your kids' college money or your charity money. This is your NYT subscription money or your NPR money.

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