Monday, March 26, 2018

The "Liar" Wall Is Breached

I'm sure it'll be back tomorrow, but there is a big difference between "the president said something which was not true" and "the president...often does not tell the truth." A bit subtle, perhaps, but the latter conveys intent to deceive, which is often a journalistic no-no (except when it isn't because the rules of journalism are so complicated).

The second phase, which is now focused on the question of a presidential interview with Mr. Mueller, had been led by Mr. Dowd. One reason Mr. Dowd quit was that, against his advice, Mr. Trump was insistent that he wanted to answer questions under oath from Mr. Mueller, believing that it would help clear him.

Mr. Dowd had concluded that there was no upside and that the president, who often does not tell the truth, could increase his legal exposure if his answers were not accurate.