Thursday, March 01, 2018

Vote For Us

And, well, we'd like to do some stuff but 60 votes and the veto and for some reason there are always some bad senators named "Joe" and maybe if we beg Republicans to pass this compromise and...but we will fight for yooooouu!!!

The problem with the "fight for you" rhetoric is that it's paired with "and here's my 47 point compromise plan which reasonable Republicans should support." "Fight for you" should be paired with "to have an abortion cart on every corner."

Everybody should know that what Democrats should really want is an abortion cart on every corner, just as everyone knows that Republicans want to stone women who have abortions to death. The abortion cart on every corner bill might not get past the filibuster. I get that. But that should be what "we're fighting for yooooouuuu" means. Dems should not be fighting to "return regular order to the Senate and, um, continue the tradition of bipartisan comity and compromise, preferably with as many gangs of senatorial media hogs as possible."

You set out the goal. That's what you fight for. If you don't win it, you fight for it again next year. And next year. And next year. The "compromise" is never a "win" it is a baby step (I'm looking at you, ACA).